It’s 6 AM, the sun is rising over the ocean, and it’s already warm. As the advertising says — "another day in Paradise".

Today we’re planning an uneventful day. This is the day we organize our itinerary for the next two weeks, and recover from yesterday’s travels. It’s "Walmart and the beach" day. One of the things we’ve learned about coming down here is that you can eat relatively inexpensively if you buy and cook your own food, and you plan ahead. The key to eating well, and inexpensively, is Walmart.


Walmart Cancun is about a 10 minute cab ride from the hotel zone, but well worth the trip. You see, it’s like no other Walmart you’ve ever been to. It’s stuffed with local cheeses, freshly made corn tortillas (you can see the ladies make them, and they’re hot when you buy them!), fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat and wonderful locally made pastries. In addition to the food, you can buy a 40 oz bottle of Kahlua there for under $10 US. You can also buy all the essentials you forgot to pack during the last minute rush to get out the door (like sunglasses, and sand toys for the kids).