After an excellent breakfast at Rio Bec Dreams, we spent a long hot day touring Rio Bec sites. At Diane’s suggestion we visited Hormiguero, Becan, and Chicanna. Tomorrow we will see Calakmul, the big attraction on the Rio Bec.

Hormiguero is a small site, but it has a beautiful structure with a classic Chenes style "monster mouth" right near the start. In addition, we went behind and checked out the beautifully restored structure behind the main site, and did a little poking around in the jungle where we found an unexcavated structure, complete with a stucco carvings. I felt a little like Frederick Catherwood.

We picked up the lunch which Diane had made for us in Becan, and then toured the site. Parts of Becan date to 550 BC, and Becan is the only Mayan site protected by a moat. In addition, it is simply huge! We picked up a guide named Miguel, who showed us around the site, including the not-to-be-missed stucco carvings near the ball court. Well worth the trip.

The last site we visited was Chicana, which boasts a wonderful structure with an intact monster mouth doorway. Spectacular, although if you’re in a hurry, I’d recommend touring it backwards — see the monster mouth first, then whatever else you can.


And now… Ice cold cervezas at the Rio Bec Dreams bar, followed by a delicious smelling curried chicken for dinner.