Another WOW day in the Rio Bec area.

We headed out to a small site called Balamku after breakfast. We were the only people there, except the staff. Balamku’s temple frieze is stunning, with mostly intact stucco including huge figures of kings, and religious images of the earth, the underworld, and the jaguar. Words can’t do it justice.

The furnace-like heat finally got to me. 112 degrees fahrenheit temperatures (107 in the shade) require you to make slow movements, and drink lots of water. After a quick lunch we did like the mexicans do, and headed to the shady refuge of Loncheria "La Selva", a little restaurant by the road, for a cold coke.

We then headed out to Nadzca ‘An, a short distance from Balamku. Nadzca ‘An is at the end of 17 kilometres of jungle track. Several times we had to stop the vehicles to clear fallen trees, and we had to drive quite slowly because the road is rocky, and sometimes washed out. In a four wheel drive with sufficient clearance it would be a picnic.

Near the end of the road we reached a small wooden bridge. We’ve since been assured that the bridge is safe to drive on, but decided not to risk it at the time. Unfortunately, because we spent so long relaxing in the shade at Loncheria "La Selva", we didn’t leave ourselves enough time to see the site. My oldest son Chris and I quickly hiked the last kilometer of the trail into the first plaza at Nadzca ‘An, had a look around, and then hiked back out. It would have been a wonderful place to bring a picnic lunch, and just relax. By that time it was 4:00 PM, and we needed to be back at the road (17 kilometers away) before the gate closed at 5:00.


Then back to Rio Bec Dreams where we were served a delicious sangria before dinner, which was yummy tuscan beef and vegetables, and birthday cake for my sister-in-law after dinner.