We left from Rio Bec Dreams this morning, and headed back out to Cancun. I cannot say enough good things about Rio Bec Dreams. Diane and Rick, the owners and our hosts for the last 5 days, are charming and hospitable people. They bent over backwards to make sure we had a wonderful stay, including fabulous meals, and arranging guided trips to the best biosphere and archaelogical sites. The site of Rio Bec Dreams itself is beautiful — cut into the jungle, where you’re surrounded by flowers (bromeliads and orchids), birds (toucans, parrots, and probably many others). The service was fabulous as well. It was sheer hedonism to be able to come back to a table set al fresco with flowers, and attentive wait-staff at the end of the day. If you go to the Rio Bec, look them up.

On the way back we stopped in Bacalar to visit the Museo del Fuerte de San Felipe Bacalar, which is in the old fort at Bacalar. The fort was built to protect Bacalar from pirates, and is now the home of a small museum housing exhibits on the history of Bacalar, Quintana Roo, the Maya, and piracy in the area. It’s signed in both english and spanish, and you can visit the whole thing in 90 minutes easily.


After that we headed to Cenote Azul, about 2 kilometers down the road, for lunch. The kids cooled off in the open air cenote, while we ordered lunch at the large restaurant there. It’s a great spot, and obviously a favorite of the locals.