Coffee’s ready, and I am going to go and sit on the porch for some sun. Everyone else is still asleep. Today we’re thinking about Puerto Moreles, a short jaunt down the coast. We’ve never been, but apparently it has beautiful reefs, and great food.

Later: Well, it turned into a late start, and a lazy day. After hanging out around the pool for a bit, we took the kids to Crococun, a crocodile zoo just outside Puerto Morelos. It’s a fun place to visit, with knowledgeable guides, and you can hold some of the reptiles (smaller crocs, and snakes). Plus there are deer to pet, monkeys to feed, and a variety of other animals to look at. It’s a buggy spot, so insect repellant is a good idea.

After that we headed into Puerto Morelos, which is a tiny fishing village growing into a tourist destination, mainly on the strength of the fact that it’s close to Cancun, and has shore accessible reefs. The reefs are perhaps 500 meters off shore, so they would be swimmable for snorkelling, or easily accessed for shore diving. Puerto Morelos itself is full of small restaurants, and other touristy attractions like handicraft shops, but it still hasn’t shed it’s origins as a fishing village. Down by the Mexican coast guard base at the south end of town it’s a ramshackle hodgepodge of palapas and poor little houses in disrepair, while in the north where the hotels are, there are huge million dollar homes. In 5 years, it’s sure to be very different.