Today was the day we left the Royal Sands and moved to another "resort", the Imperial Las Perlas. The Sands is a saturday to saturday timeshare, but when we planned the trip we planned a Sunday stay. Originally we were going to be coming back from the Costa Maya today, but were unable to get the accomodations we wanted on the Costa Maya. So, we decided to come back to Cancun early and find another place to stay for one night, and catch our flight out on Sunday the 27th.

We shopped for souvenirs, and then headed to the Imperial in the afternoon. What a disaster! screwed up our reservations and left us with just two rooms, with a total of four double beds between them to sleep 13 people. The folks at the Imperial were as helpful as they could be under the circumstances, but they had no rooms left, and not even a cot to give us. They were totally sold out.

The Imperial is a tired old dump inhabited by spring breakers, and people looking for a cheap all-inclusive resort. It really needed a sign above the door reading "Abandon all hope, ye who enter herein." When we got to our garrot on the fourth floor the maid had piled all the furniture on the beds and was busy sweeping out the garbage left by the previous inhabitants, one of whom had scrawled a phone number in six inch high lipstick letters across the mirror. The toilet in our room can only be flushed every 10 or 15 minutes because that’s how long it takes for the tank to fill.

We headed to the bar and ordered a beer… or should I say "the beer", because there was only one kind. The bar was inhabited by teenaged boys and girls, and "cougars"… forty something single women on the prowel to have a one-night fling with the teenie-bopper boys.

It only went downhill from there. The entertainment was buying henna tattoos and watching two guys make spray-paint paintings. The pool bottom was littered with … ??? I don’t really know, actually, but there was a lot of stuff down there. The surface of the pool had used drink cups and straws floating in it. The included dinner was a mostly inedible buffet, and the included drinks seemed to be either beer, pina colada, margarita or straight tequila. It was actually quite humorous when the waiter offered other drinks… you would place your order, and a pina colada would appear!

Around 11 PM the bar shut down and all of the teenie-boppers stumbled back to their rooms. We had been sitting on the beach having a drink, and decided to head up to our shoe-box and allocate who got to sleep on the beds. We ended up with Janice and myself, plus the two younger boys on one bed, and Chris, Jon and Peter on the other bed. is going to get an earful.