(Los Angeles, CA and Ottawa, Ontario – October 25, 2005) Unlimitel, one of Eastern Canada’s more rapidly growing Internet Telephony Service Providers and iotum, developers of the iotum Relevance Engine, have announced a relationship to offer new services based on iotum’s patent pending Relevance Engine to Unlimitel’s customers.

As part of the relationship, Unlimitel will serve as the first live customer deployment of iotum’s Relevance Engine. The iotum Relevance Engine is the first application to intelligently assess the relevance of any call, and automatically route that call to the most appropriate destination. With the addition of the Relevance Engine to its telephony offerings, Unlimitel will become the first carrier in North America to offer customers to the ability to intelligently evaluate the importance, priority and relevance of individual calls, and route those calls to the either the intended recipient, a voice mail box or to a designated third party.

"The iotum Relevance Engine separates VoIP offerings from only being a simple replacement of the landline from the local phone company," said Stéphan Monette, CEO of Unlimitel. "With the Relevance Engine we’re able to offer our customers a service that really differentiates us from other carriers. The iotum Relevance Engine will really change peoples lives the same way voice mail first did."

iotum’s Relevance Engine goes beyond today’s unified messaging offerings. Integrated with calendar, presence and contacts, the Relevance Engine uses user preferences and context to determine the importance of each call , and then intelligently routes the call to the proper place. iotum mimics the skills of an executive assistant, including knowing how to really handle the call when that "special someone" is on the line.

"We’ve heard from customers, telecom executives and analysts that communications overload is one of the biggest problems they face everyday," said Alec Saunders, CEO and co-founder of iotum. "We’ve used the power of the web, and Internet Telephony, to bring the true capabilities of an assistant back into people’s lives."

Unlimitel will begin offering the iotum Relevance Engine in 2006 after an initial closed trail with selected customers this fall.

About Unlimitel

Unlimitel Inc. is one of the leading VoIP providers in Canada with more than 9 POPs in Ontario and Quebec. Unlimitel is one of the few VoIP providers who really believes that the VoIP network should be OPEN. Consistent with this belief, Unlimitel offers customers the liberty to choose their own VoIP endpoint device to connect to their network.

About iotum

Founded in 2003, privately held iotum is a Voice 2.0 setting out to shape a world where devices and services work seamlessly together to let people communicate with who they want, when they want and on the device they want.


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