With all the panic over the last few days around air travel, I thought I would arrive early for my flight from SFO today.  Despite my best intentions, I only managed to leave myself two hours and fifteen minutes, not the three hours being advised.  I was getting a little concerned because I’m supposed to be meeting Janice in San Diego at 6:30pm.  I did NOT want to miss this flight.

It was a breeze.

There was no line at the America West check in, no line at security, and the search on the other side of the screener was no worse than any other search I’ve ever had.  Moreover, despite wide reports that the National Guard had been called out, there wasn’t a soldier in sight.

The situation may be different in the international terminal, but domestic flights don’t seem to be that different from normal, except for the brisk business at the refreshments stand inside the secure area.