Three New Partnerships Extend Reach from North America to The World

OTTAWA – Feb. 27, 2008 – iotum today announced global availability of its popular FREE Conference Calls application on Facebook under agreements with Internet communications partners Truphone in the U.K., Abbeynet in Italy and MOI Telecom in France.
Iotum CEO Alec Saunders said the global expansion of FREE Conference Calls is in response to demand from users of the application launched on Facebook last September. “Now, thanks to our partnership agreements, anyone can join a FREE Conference Call from anywhere in the world.”
“FREE Conference Calls has many standard features not available from other providers,” he said. “We give our users the ability to provide agendas for their calls; moderators can mute or unmute the calls; record a podcast; schedule calls in advance, or provide reminders. Hosts can also queue participants to speak, and we even provide a live ‘writing wall’ for interactive text chat.”
Since launch, Iotum’s FREE Conference Calls service on Facebook has attracted more than 100,000 users. Conference calls have been created to hold public teleseminars, private meetings, family events, New Year’s Eve countdowns, political discussions and to record multiperson podcasts.
Starting today, users can join an iotum FREE Conference Call using one of three methods:
  1. Direct dial from home, office, or mobile. In the United States, Canada and France, users can dial the conference server directly using an ordinary call and be joined to the FREE Conference Calls. Iotum intends to roll out more direct dial countries in the future by recruiting additional partners to service other parts of the world.
  2. VoIP. From anywhere in the world, users can call using their PCs. All that’s required is an active Internet connection, and clicking on the FREE Conference Calls application icon in Facebook.
  3. Call back. A user can be called back simply by entering into the FREE Conference Calls application on Facebook the phone number where his or her call is to be received.
“Participants don’t have to be on Facebook, but it’s more valuable for them if they are,” Saunders said. “And it’s easy. Facebook users simply install the iotum FREE Conference Calls application and invite friends for a group chat.”
Sherman Hu, producer and host of the blog, wrote: "As a coach to thousands of business owners about the innovative combination and profitable deployment of blogs, podcasts, video and social media for business, I see the ability to conduct training calls and have anyone outside of North America dial in from anywhere in the world at no charge as a priceless benefit. This initiative will have far reaching impact for my global business."
At Truphone, Platform Director Dean Elwood said: “Truphone already has built a reputation for telephony innovation by providing free mobile-to-mobile calls via the Internet. This tie-up with Iotum fits perfectly with our vision of providing new ways for people to call each other without heed to old world boundaries and pricing structures.”

About iotum

Founded in 2003, privately held iotum ( is a Voice 2.0 company setting out to shape a world of relevant communications where devices, social networks and web services work seamlessly together to let people communicate with whom they want, when they want and on the device they want. Iotum has been awarded the prestigious CATA Alliance Innovation Award for Emerging Technology Achievement as the best emerging technology company of the year in Canada; was named a DEMOgod at DEMO2006, and was named to the Branham 25 Emerging Companies in Canada as well as to Business 2.0′s Next Net 25. iotum and its innovative products, including the iotum Relevance Engine, iotum TalkNow for Blackberry, and most recently iotum Free Conference Calls for Facebook, have garnered accolades from industry and users alike.

About Truphone

Truphone develops Internet Protocol based (IPbased) mobile internet telephony, delivered by means of 3G mobile networks and WiFi networks. The Truphone service enables free and lowcost calls for customers by routing calls via WiFi and the Internet. The service is presently in a ‘beta’ state and offers Voice over IP, SMS over IP and Facebook Calling capabilities. This beta service was announced in mid2006, when Truphone became the first company to introduce true Internet telephony for mass market mobile phones. Truphone is the trading name of Software Cellular Network (SCN). SCN is privately owned, funded by both venture capital investment and angel investors.

About Abbeynet

Abbeynet develops high-technology VoIP solutions. Founded in Cagliari, Italy, in 2000, the company launched Chocophone, one of the first FREE VoIP services worldwide. Today, with more than seven years of experience in VoIP, the company has reached a leadership position in Europe. Abbeynet develops and sells end-to-end platforms to allow telecom companies and Internet Service Providers to offer high-quality and innovative VoIP services to their customers. Abbeynet also offers solutions designed to answer the needs of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), such as Sitofono, a customer-engagement
tool based on Abbeynet’s click-to-call technology. The company is also a major VoIP provider and is the only Italian company awarded the Pulver100 Award. Last June, Abbeynet developed and launched its first Web 2.0 service, Hictu, an innovative video microblogging service.;;

About MOI Telecom

MOI telecom ( is a personal telecom company in France founded by Nour El Hadri. Moi Telecom is a success story of the new communications era. Indeed, its founder Nour El Hadri decided back in 2006 to build his own switch and to become his own telecommunication carrier. Today MOI Telecom’s switch is interconnected with the public telecom network and is an authorized phone provider distributing phone numbers in France.
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