image image Change happens, usually when you have other plans. Ariane de Bonvoisin and her team are change experts. In this teleseminar we discuss the key aspects of change and how to not only survive change but thrive as a result.

Ariane de Bonvoisin is the CEO and founder of, a website to help people transition through any change, whether it’s a health diagnosis, going green, moving to a new city, or getting married. With a degree in economics and international relations from the London School of Economics, she joined The Boston Consulting Group and worked in over a dozen countries in a few years. After an MBA at Stanford, she moved back to New York, working with media giants BMG and Sony Music.

In 2000, Ariane was tapped by Time Warner to become the Managing Director of a new digital media venture fund. became her life’s work in 2004. Ariane is based in New York City where the company is also headquartered.

Recorded using Calliflower conferencing : August 21, 2008 – Thursday – 6:30pm – 8:00pm Pacific

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