Cool Uses for Free Conference Call Systems

When you are looking at different conference calling sites, don’t just think about using them for traditional conference calls.

  • You can hold a teleseminar. A site like Calliflower let’s you invite others to be in the “audience” instead of being being participants of a call. You can then present a seminar via the phone and by using Calliflower’s Web interface, your audience members can even raise their virtual hands to ask a question.
  • You can make a podcast. I’ve recommended sites like Utterz at u-t-t-e-r-z dot com to do quick and dirty podcasts from a telephone. You can also use Rondee or Calliflower’s free recording to generate MP3 files that you can link to from your site or blog.

via The Digital Marketer : Free Conference Call Services on the Web :: Quick and Dirty Tips ™.