8. Conference calls: Calliflower

Yet another type of meeting? Seriously? Why can’t the boss simply let you work in peace? At least with voice-only meetings, you can stay in your jammies note: PC Magazine does not recommend that you work in your jammies.

Calliflower combines some of the aspects of TimeBridge for setting up a meeting with the ability to create a conference call so every invitee can get talking. It’s free, unlike typical corporate conference-call services, and includes some Web collaboration tools.

If you’ve got a VoIP service, even Skype, integrate it instead of your standard phone, because the numbers you get won’t be toll free. Calliflower does work with any phone, however. Call, enter a PIN, and you’re all talking. The manager of the con call can record it to MP3 or mute lines so there’s only one speaker, and anyone can ask questions in the online chat interface used during the call. Won’t the home office be impressed when youre setting up calls yourself?

via The Telecommuter’s Tech Toolbox – Database, Conference Calls, & VPN | PCMag.com.