OTTAWA, Canada (February 3, 2008) – iotum™ today announced that its innovative Calliflower conference-calling service is now mobile and available to Apple® iPhone™ users.

With free conference calls, flat rate pricing for unlimited global meetings, local dial-in numbers and document sharing, Calliflower has pioneered a new category of Web-based interactive conferencing. Now, Calliflower on iPhone makes organizing and participating in multi-party calls simple and engaging by allowing participants to see the status of other callers, along with features such as interactive chat, intuitive conference controls, recordings, call archives, invitations and reminders, integration with calendars, and more.

“Users have told us what they like most about Calliflower is that it brings together all the key elements they need for meaningful collaboration into an easy-to-use interactive dashboard,” said iotum CEO Alec Saunders. “Now we’re liberating Calliflower conference calling from the desktop and extending all of its features to the world’s most powerful mobile device.”

“Now iPhone users can easily participate in and manage Calliflower conference calls wherever they are and have the full richness of the Calliflower experience in a mobile environment”, said Saunders. “As of today, Calliflower Mobile on iPhone is in the iPhone App Store.”

Calliflower on the iPhone is free. Users can download Calliflower on iPhone by visiting the iPhone App Store and searching for Calliflower Once loaded on the iPhone, users can create a new Calliflower account from the iPhone, or existing Calliflower users can simply log in using their current Calliflower account.


iotum, a Voice 2.0 company, sets out to reinvent business conversations and shape a world of relevant communications where devices, social networks and Web services work seamlessly together to let people communicate with whom they want, when they want and on the device they want. iotum’s business is to design and provide a simple, supportive and intuitive environment to enrich business conversations. iotum’s products and services bring greater meaning and productivity to typically stale and static multiparty communications and meet the growing teleconferencing needs of a broad range of customers across many industries. iotum’s flagship service, Calliflower, makes it easy for people to plan and participate in engaging and meaningful conference calls that bridge business and social networks, and follow up afterward.

CONTACT:  Alec Saunders, CEO –, 613-482-9099