One of the truly great values of Calliflower is our international conference call network.  Using local dial numbers, we offer flat rate international conference calling in a growing number of cities around the world.  If you make even a few international conference calls a month, you can’t fail to save big with Calliflower. 

This week saw a number of upgrades to our network. 

  • Spanish Conference Call Number Tuesday we added Barcelona Spain – our first Spanish conference call local dial-access number.
  • On Thursday we upgraded our VoIP service to a dedicated switch.  Our partner, TringMe, had recommended this after observing that our traffic was beginning to swamp the switch we shared with their other clients.  Users of our VoIP service should see an improvement in call quality as a result.
  • Polish Conference Call Number Today we added Warsaw and Wroclaw Poland – our first Polish conference call local dial access numbers.

Give the Calliflower International Conference Call network a try, and let us know how we’re doing.

Have a great weekend!