We’ve taken a big step in the last couple of days in turning on various social media features on dev.vonfab.com/calliflower/new.  When the site was first built, the social media features were omitted, and we’ve just now begun the process of retrofitting them.

So what does that mean?

  • More input from our users.  We now have a few blogs up and running, and more will be coming.  More to the point, other parts of the site will be social media enabled as well.  For example, FAQs now have open comment streams.  It simply made sense that if you had a question about Frequently Asked Question you should be able to ask for answer there.
  • More content extended into other networks.  We’re beginning with Twitter, but our intent is that this website should be able to post updates to a variety of social media engines.
  • Options to bookmark and comment.  At the bottom of this entry and all through the site, you’ll find an “Add to Any” widget which lets you post anything you find here that interests you to your favorite social network, bookmarking service, feed aggregator or blog.