Sonia Podstaskyj has given the term “pillow talk” a whole new meaning. The Nelson, B.C., resident, who runs her own small business as a personal assistant, uses her iPhone to manage international conference calls from the comfort of her bed.

Arranging calls between the east coast and Europe is hard for someone on the west coast. “In the early morning it’s sometimes too early for me to get out of bed,” says Ms. Podstaskyj, who provides PA services for France-based Peter Fenner, president of Timeless Wisdom, a spiritual learning organization that holds cross-Atlantic lectures using teleconferencing.

She uses Calliflower, an online teleconference system, to organize the conference calls between Fenner and his clients. Thanks to her iPhone-based Calliflower application, she can make sure everyone is able to get on the call as the event starts — no matter what the time is in France.

via Big apps for small business.