The new conferencing system uses a tool called Calliflower.  It is one of the most amazing systems I’ve ever seen.  Often times, I hear marketers talking about how great Instant Teleseminar is as a product. And until last week, I didn’t think there was anything better than Instant Teleseminar, until I saw Calliflower.  Check out why I say this at:

The new system is much more than a bridgeline. It is also a true document sharing system, as well.  What that means is that during the call I can share documents with any of the listeners by logging in either through your computer (completely free – not even any Skype minutes needed!) or through your telephone (toll calls might apply as it is a US based number) you can listen to the audio portion of the call. However, you can also log in to an interface through the computer or even through your iPhone and also access the document sharing portion of the call.  When documents are shared, not only can you see them, as a host, I can also give you access to draw on them to make changes to them and even save them locally.

via Calliflower Is Going To Make Our Life A Whole LOT Easier! : The Internet Marketing University.