New Software Release Facilitates Seminars, Press Conferences, Classes and More

OTTAWA, Sept. 23 2009 — Web meetings innovator iotum today announced powerful new software that simplifies and enriches its Calliflower service for use by current and prospective online event holders and enterprises.

The versatile collaboration service now allows users to add and change moderators on-the-fly, schedule recurring calls and easily expand online meetings by including participants who are not Calliflower subscribers.

This takes Calliflower farther beyond plain vanilla offerings in a crowded field of one-dimensional conference calling services. It’s already widely used for multifaceted meetings that can include document sharing, text chat and more with far-flung employees and customers. Mobile users can join using their iPhones.

One current customer, inmedia Public Relations Inc., uses Calliflower for internal, media and client calls and now plans to use the new features to enrich a variety of online business meetings and sees events in its future.

“We see the enriched Calliflower service as an enabler for large events for us,” said inmedia Managing Partner Francis Moran. “With offices and clients in three countries, and regular contact with journalists just about everywhere in the world, we’ve already found Calliflower to be powerful, easy-to-use and extremely cost effective.”

“This software release is designed to optimize Calliflower for those seeking to hold events online, such as seminars, classes and press and investor relations gatherings, in a simple and effective manner for organizers and participants,” commented iotum CEO Alec Saunders.

Powerful New Features

iotum has added Simple Sign-in that enables those that aren’t subscribers to Calliflower to easily join events powered by the service.

Targeted at large online gatherings which often include participants from around the world, Calliflower’s new Co-Moderator feature enables one-click sharing or changing of moderators while meetings are in progress. The feature can be used in calls where multiple participants need the floor to give presentations or where one user presents while another manages the ongoing call.

Calliflower’s new Recurring Call Scheduling feature enables event organizers to quickly and easily create and keep events compelling by setting regularly held conference calls. This eliminates repetitive tasks and lets organizers ensure consistency for even the largest online events.

The new features are now available to Calliflower Premium users and are accessed using the company’s function-rich dashboard.

Calliflower Premium is currently available in 31 countries and over 130 cities in Europe, Asia, and North and South America thanks to a sweeping network expansion announced in late June.

Calliflower Premium is priced at $50 per month, for two organizers, with a no-risk 14-day free trial period. Additional organizers cost $25 per month each.

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About iotum

iotum is a Voice 2.0 company that aims to reinvent business conversations and shape a world of relevant communications where devices, social networks and Web services work seamlessly together to let people communicate with whom they want, when they want and on the device they want