Modern communication helps us multiply our message, but it also creates a connection barrier. We may laugh at our grandfather’s outdated door-to-door techniques, but our modern sales call just can’t achieve that same degree of intimacy and trust. Calliflower is the modern sales and teleseminar tool with the classic in-person advantage. It is the go-to service for a vibrant and engaging online sales presentation. Calliflower increases the effectiveness of your online sales presentation by including the elements of in-person communication that generic conference calls simply cannot provide. With our innovative features, you don’t have to restrict yourself to just the ‘tell’, you can both show and tell!


Don’t feel limited by your location

  • You can connect with your audience via ordinary telephone or Skype on your computer
  • Your audience can use our extensive list of international dial numbers
  • Your presentation can be accessed on any web enabled device or PC

Communicate effectively to a mass audience

  • Increase your audience without increasing the cost
  • Your audience size doesn’t prevent you from taking advantage of our features
  • You can limit your audience from seeing each other, allowing a more intimate feel

Take Control of your Presentation

  • You can tweak your presentation materials before, during or after your presentation
  • You control what is displayed on your audience’s screen
  • Show all of your slides or just a select few: it is up to you
  • Only those you invite will be able to access your presentations

We bring the in-person experience to you

  • Deliver interactive presentations, with real-time document annotations
  • Allow audience members to send each other chat IM’s
  • Give your audience the opportunity to raise their hand and ask a question


Calliflower’s online sales presentation tool is just another way you can put today’s low-cost technology to work building and maintaining close ties with customers and business prospects. From the comfort of your office, you can communicate with higher impact at a lower cost.

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