Employee training has proven to increase a company’s success rate in reducing employee turnover, increasing employee job satisfaction, and increasing productivity. However, traditional training methods can be impractical, unproductive and costly. Calliflower’s online training tool is the perfect antidote to these issues.

The economical way to develop teams

  • Employees can learn on the job with manageable commitments to training, and low impact on work
  • Employees around the world can be trained, right at their desks
  • Train five, ten, or even a hundred students, with no added cost

A true classroom environment

  • Share presentations and documents online
  • Annotate and mark-up presentation materials to highlight key points
  • Answer questions interactively or via text chat

Students attend wherever they are

  • Attend your class via ordinary telephone, or computer using Skype
  • Our integrated dashboard is available on any web enabled device

All materials in one place

  • Upload documents before, during, or after class
  • Trainees can access documents and annotations, before, during or after class

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