Are you running a coaching or mentoring business?   Do you host “mastermind” groups for your “inner-circle” of associates?  Well, then you know how difficult it can be to find great tools to support your business.  Whether you’re an expert on weight management, relationships, careers, marketing, or any other goal-oriented self improvement category, you’re a coach to the people who buy your services.

Online coaching has been an explosive category in recent years.  Coaches who use the internet and technologies like the venerable conference call are able to dramatically increase the reach and scope of their businesses by simply appealing to larger audience.  It comes, however, at a price – the loss of one-to-one interaction that’s the foundation of a great coaching business.  Fortunately, Calliflower is a great solution for powerful, scalable yet intimate coaching calls.

Suits all learning styles: visual, auditory, and dynamic

  • Show powerpoint slides and other documents online.
  • Record calls for later review.
  • Download exercises, and then upload completed work for online discussion.

Great for large or small groups.

  • Effective moderation tools, including mute, raise hand / lower hand, collaboration and lecture modes.
  • Participant avatars create a more intimate environment, even with larger groups.
  • Encourages participation.

Participants attend wherever they are.

  • attend your meeting via ordinary telephone, or from your computer using Skype.
  • the integrated dashboard is available on any web enabled device, or PC.
  • iPhone application gives you all the power of Calliflower in the palm of your hand.

Bring everyone together, including non-participants.

  • non-participants can “attend” the meeting on their own schedule.
  • access recordings, documents and chat messages afterward allowing them to review everything that was covered at the meeting.

The bottom line?  Coaching is about creating an environment of trust and respect, openness, awareness and mindfulness. Too often the tools we use for online coaching get in the way of creating the coaching dynamic. Calliflower is designed meet the needs of the coach, and help to create the most powerful coaching environment available today.


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