This is the fourth in a series of blog postings about cost management and the transition to web-based conferencing solutions.  The other three postings in the series are Calliflower and your bottom line, How web-based tools help IT manage the costs of conferencing, and Getting rid of the conference call operator.

Just about any company can get immediate benefit from moving to a web-based ‘Saas’ conferencing solution.  The largest benefits accrue to companies that have inherited multiple service providers, either via organic growth or a merger and acquisition, but any business looking to make a transition will benefit.  Companies managing multiple service provider relationship (and spending ten’s of thousands of dollars per month) often come to us looking to consolidate those multiple partner relationships and bring the entire conferencing infrastructure in-house using a single web-based service such as Calliflower.

Web-based conferencing is especially important for smaller companies that lack in-house IT expertise or resources.  Typically they have no history with traditional enterprise telecom solutions, they don’t know how to manage an audio conferencing bridge, and they lack the expertise to do telecom service analysis or resource planning.  Calliflower is especially valuable for these companies, because it’s an out of the box conferencing solution addressing web and audio conferencing.  Customers get a web-based console, plus all of the tools to manage costs effectively, and serve internal users in the best possible way.

And, with Calliflower’s flat-rate pricing, there is no need for complex resource planning and service analysis.