fc_v1_logo2[1]David Lavienda, writing for Fast Company, has just published an excellent 10-rules blog post.  Titled 10 Rules for Effective Conference Calls, it ticks through the top 10 things you shouldn’t do on a conference call. His rules are:

  1. Keep statements short and ask for frequent feedback.  This is to keep the participants engaged on the call.
  2. Don’t use slides if you can avoid it.  Because most conference call services don’t have the ability to display slides and the leader of the call has to ask people to flip from one to the next.
  3. Don’t send your slides ahead of time.
  4. Send out an agenda ahead of time, and stick to it. That’s just good meeting etiquette – conference call or not.
  5. Use video if possible.  Participants can’t snooze or multi-task if they’re on camera.
  6. Let the participants know if you’re recording the call.
  7. Start on time.
  8. Make sure the moderator dials in early.
  9. Don’t dial in from a mobile phone.  AMEN to that.  Otherwise it’s going to sound like everyone is calling in on tin-can phones.
  10. Set limits on the call duration.

If you’re a Calliflower customer, you should be feeling pretty smug right now.  You can safely ignore most of David’s list, not because it’s not a good list, but because Calliflower is either designed to avoid most of the pitfalls he describes, or automates the recommendations he makes.  You’re already:

  • Keeping people engaged on calls with the combination of web interface, interactive chat, and other onscreen components.
  • Using and managing slides with an integrated slide presenter, and you don’t have to worry about sending out the slides ahead of time.
  • Sending agenda’s with the initial meeting requests.
  • Automatically notifying people if the call is being recorded.
  • Starting on time because of the numerous reminders that Calliflower sends.
  • Managing mobile phone noise with moderator tools that allow you to mute noisy participants.

… and more. The only thing Calliflower can’t do that David recommends is video.  Perhaps we should get working on that.  What do you think?


Why not give yourself a reason to be a rule breaker?

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