I love browsing through our referrer logs.  Nothing gives me greater enthusiasm for what we do at Calliflower than seeing the innovative ways that people are using our service.  Two that caught my eye this evening?

John Jantsch’s Duct Tape Marketing.  Jantsch is a coach, author, workshop leader and marketing guru who has carved out a place online teaching small business owners how to market their products and services.  Read 10 Small Business Lead Nurturing Tools, and Taking an Expanded View of Collaboration for a couple of good samples of his work.  And of course, check out his classic guide to small business marketing: Duct Tape Marketing.

And then check out The Geek Estate Blog.  This is a blog for real estate industry technophiles – focused on giving real estate professionals the technical edge they need in order to succeed.  In Office Supplies, Task Management and More, R.E.L.D.’s Patric Herber writes about how to cost effectively run a real estate business using Web 2.0 tools.  He specifically calls out low cost conferencing solutions like Calliflower as a way to keep communications costs under control. 

What do you do with Calliflower that’s interesting?  We’d love to know!