Yesterday afternoon an earthquake hit eastern parts of the US and Canada.  The epicentre of the quake was just 61 km north of Ottawa – about 36 miles away.  We evacuated the office pretty quickly, even though at magnitude 5.0, the quake itself is considered a moderate quake.  After a few minutes outside, we returned to the office and went back to work.

Even had the earthquake been much much stronger, however, Calliflower wouldn’t have been affected.  Yes, we likely wouldn’t have been able to answer your phone calls if we had been required to stay away from our offices.  However, Calliflower itself is hosted on servers in the so-called “cloud”.  Our application servers aren’t in Ottawa at all.  They’re owned by Amazon and others. It makes Calliflower very resilient to catastrophe, as a result.

The proof? Bell Canada’s cell phone service in the Ottawa area seems to have been briefly interrupted, but Calliflower just kept on ticking.

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