I’m a huge fan of Alex Mandossian’s marketing tips, and his latest – Call-to-Wall – is absolutely screaming out to be adopted by Calliflower users.

Alex’s tip is pretty simple: during your call, encourage participants to post to your Facebook fan page wall as a way to create deeper engagement.  I love it!  Here are three reasons why this strategy rocks for Calliflower customers:

  1. Every Calliflower call already has a chat wall.  You can encourage people to post directly to the call itself, which keeps the commentary and the call together.  That makes it easier for participants to find the comments that are part of that call.
  2. Calliflower lets you easily plug your call directly into Facebook and Twitter as well.  You can access that call from within Facebook directly using the Calliflower Facebook application, plus you can tweet individual comments as they are being made. That’s twice as much social media love for almost no additional effort.
  3. You don’t have to confine your Call-to-Wall strategy to actions taken after the call.  You can post to the wall during the call as well.  For example, imagine that the call to action for your event is to sign up for an online class, or buy a product.  Now you can just post the link directly to your wall for your participants.  They stay engaged with your call, and your content, while they’re taking action.

The next time you host a sales event – such as a teleseminar or a webinar, try a Call-to-Wall.  I think you’re going to be jazzed by the results you get.