Recording a conference call is just one of the many value-added features that you get with the Calliflower conferencing service.  Judging by the number of inquiries and search requests we get for this feature, it’s popular too!  In this short post, I’m going to tell you how to record your conference call with Calliflower, and how to share it afterward.

  1. To record a conference call, you must either be the organizer of the call, or the moderator for the call.  Only participants with organizer or moderator status have access to the recording controls.
  2. During your call, you will see moderator controls on the call dashboard.  These will be located below the agenda and right above the document sharing window.  On the left you will see the participants who are currently on the call, and on the right a set of four buttons, including one labelled “Start Recording”. mp3_recordings[1]
  3. To start your recording, press the green “Start Recording” button.  All of the participants will hear Calliflower say “recording started”, the “Start Recording” button will change to now say “Stop Recording”, and the recording will be started.
  4. The recording will stop when you press the “Stop Recording” button, or when the last participant has left the call. A little while later the recording will appear in the recordings window, just below the document share and to the right of the text chat area. mp3_recordings[1]

It’s that simple.

To share your recording you have a couple of options:

  1. You can download the recorded file, edit it, and share it from your website, or from a popular podcasting service like iTunes.
  2. You can simply send people back to the conference page after the call is over.  Calliflower will keep a copy of your recording on your conference page.

Now, here are some advanced tips.

  1. You can split your recording up into multiple sections by simply pressing the Start and Stop Recording buttons.  Calliflower will just create multiple recording files for you.  This can be very useful if you want to have a discussion that it would be inappropriate to record.
  2. You can have your recording start automatically as soon as there are two people on the call.  Specify this feature during call creation, by choosing the advanced options on the calendar page.  One of the advanced options is to automatically start the recording.
  3. Once you have created your recording, some simple edits can dramatically improve the quality of the recording.  If you plan to repurpose your recording as a podcast or audio book, you will definitely want to make these edits.

That’s all there is to it!

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