Last night was a late one here.  We were rolling out a bunch of new changes to Calliflower that we’ve been saving up for the past few months.  You’re really going to love these though!

  1. Many of our customers host webinars and teleseminars on Calliflower, and we’ve been working on features for those folks for some time.  Now you can control when recordings of your calls are published, and whether participants can see each other during the call. Plus, you can also download a list of attendees.
  2. We’re changing our pricing model, and actually introducing a slight price increase. Existing customers don’t need to worry, though. Existing accounts are grandfathered in under the old pricing. Starting today, an unlimited Calliflower account will be $29.95/person instead of the the old rate of $25. In addition, we’re introducing a new Basic subscription at $13.95/mo, for light users, and a pay as you go plan for very infrequent users. Check out all our plans and prices for more details.
  3. We’ve updated our Facebook application.  There are numerous new features, but the one I’m pesonally the most excited about and really want to draw to your attention is that Calliflower calls can now be Facebook events.  If you’re a social marketer, this will change how you think about Calliflower.  Calliflower is now a very powerful weapon in your viral marketing toolkit.
  4. We’ve just introduced a whole slew of incentive programs. If you recommend Calliflower to a friend, participate in a case study, or give us a testimonial we can use on Calliflower, you’re now eligible for discounts off your monthly bill. Check out the new Incentives tab next time you’re logged into Calliflower.

There’s an old saying that you have to break an egg to make an omelette.  Today I have some sad news as well,  which is that that we are eliminating our free conference calling offering on March 25th. Eliminating the free offering has been a tough decision, and one that we’ve given a lot of thought. We’re doing it because it is simply impossible for us to continue to offer that service reliably in the face of continued opposition at the FCC in Washington DC from larger, incumbent carriers.

You’re probably asking “what do these carriers have to do with anything?” A lot, it turns out. We were able to offer Calliflower at no charge by sharing a portion of the long distance fee you paid to your carrier in order to access the conference service. Those carriers don’t want to pay anymore. In fact, we haven’t been paid by them in two years. Unfortunately, we can’t operate the service any longer without any ability to recover our costs. That’s the reason we made this very difficult decision.

Anyway, the free service is going away, but in it’s place there will be lower prices and discounts available to those who help us to promote Calliflower through our incentives programs.  We hope that it all balances out.  You could actually earn a free subscription to Calliflower, simply by referring some friends.

So go ahead, check out the changes.  And if you’re not already a Calliflower subscriber, shouldn’t you sign up for a 14 day trial?