One of the pleasures of running a business is the unexpected things customers do with your product.  Take, for example, old fashioned “reservationless” conferencing.  You see, Calliflower requires you to schedule a call, rather than just jump on a bridge any time you want.  So, for some time customers have been asking us to provide this “reservationless” conference feature in Calliflower, and indeed, it’s on our list of features to implement.

Last week, one of our customers showed me how to set up a reservationless call on Calliflower, without changing Calliflower at all.  It turns out to be surprisingly simple as well.

Step 1.  Create an all day (I mean 24 hour a day) recurring call starting at midnight.  Make it recur every day,  or maybe Monday through Friday if you don’t think you’ll need to have any conference calls on the weekend.

Step 2. Mail invitations to the people you need to participate.

Whenever you call Calliflower from now on, and simply enter your PIN, boom – you’ll be on your bridge.  And if you need to schedule a call that isn’t reservationless (say, a webinar), then Calliflower will simply create a different PIN for the second call.  Enter the PIN for the second call, and you’ll be on the second call.  Enter the PIN for the first call… and you’ll be on the first.

Now here’s a few extra things you can do that will make this WAY better than the ordinary reservationless conference call.

  1. Reservationless call for a team: Invite only your team to the call.  Calliflower will then send each person an individual PIN, and only your team members can get on the bridge.
  2. Reservationless call for two different teams: Invite each team to their own call.  Calliflower will then send you two PINs – one for team call A, and one for team call B.  If you’re meeting with team A, enter the team A PIN.  And if you’re meeting with Team B…. any guesses?  Yup – enter the team B PIN.
  3. PINless, reservationless calls: Register your mobile number with Calliflower, and invite yourself to the call.  The next time you call from your mobile, you’ll be automatically put on your bridge – no fuss, no muss.

We’ve been beating ourselves up for not having reservationless calling for the last few months.  Not only can we do it, but we can actually do it better than the competition.

Boy I love customers!