Over the last couple of months we’ve been gathering feedback from customers on how they use Calliflower invitations and reminders.  It’s been instructive!  You all had a lot of feedback, and as a result of that feedback we’ve rolled out several new features around invitations and reminders. 

The invitations themselves have been redesigned, with improved fonts, layout, and information access.  This is what the new email invitation looks like:


We’ve also redesigned the reminder email that arrives 15 minutes before the scheduled call.  It’s now shorter, with more detailed information about the call, including a drop down to discover dial-in numbers.


And lastly, extensive feedback from our European customers indicated the need for a 24 hour clock, rather than just the North American AM/PM convention.  Simply log into Calliflower, select Settings, and set your Calliflower profile Time Display to 24 hour clock.