With our wide array of charity and non-profit group calling features, Calliflower is becoming the go-to resource in the charity and non-profit world for meetings, seminars, and conferences. We happily support organizations of all denominations or creeds.


Here are a few examples of how some organizations take advantage of our services:

  • Daily inspiration
  • Support group calls
  • Committee calls
  • Campaign and fundraising online meetings
  • Scripture readings
  • Personal discovery and development forums and conferences
  • Meditation calls (yes, we have people who sit quietly on the call bridge)
  • Prayer lines
  • Coaching teleseminars
  • Social action calls

Calliflower wants to ease the communication process so that you can focus on your mission. We offer you the most possibilities while letting you keep within your budget.

Our service is inclusive to everyone

  • Reach listeners around the world with no added charge
  • Extend your network to the home-bound or physically challenged with ease
  • Unlimited calling plan
  • Flat rate pricing option

We provide great features to enhance your calls

  • Compatible with phones or VOIP systems like Skype
  • The integrated dashboard is available on any web enabled device
  • Easy set-up for hosts, no sign-up required for guests

We can integrate social media

  • Publicize your non-profit group calls with our automatic Twitter feature
  • Our conference calls generate a bit.ly link that are easy to email or SMS to listeners



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