Look Who’s Talking! Remember that 80’s classic with John Travolta and Kirstie Alley? Cute, inappropriate, talking babies.  Cute, inappropriate parents. Calliflower has something even better.


When three or more are on your meetings, do you ever wonder who’s talking on your calls? Sometimes a conference call can sound like a cacophony. Would you like to put a name to a face?


Calliflower has a great new feature for you. Our new Who’s-Talking feature gives you a handy way to use your dashboard to manage a large speaker list. Did someone just speak up? Now everyone can see who “has the floor.”


Check it out in the “Participants” section of your dashboard. Whenever a participant speaks, their face moves to the top of the list and appears in a special speaker’s box. The box will flash green to show who is talking. It’s great for larger meetings. Look who’s talking, now!