March of 2005, my family and I travelled the eastern side of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico.  We started in Cancun, and travelled down the coast and inland to the Rio Bec area, and then back to Cancun.  Many adventures were had, most very positive.  This page is a chronicle of what we did, and when.

March 12 – Arrival in Cancun

March 13 – Walmart and the beach day

March 14/15 – Peter gets his PADI open water dive certification

March 16 – Diving Cozumel, and my comments on underwater photography

March 18 – A visit to Valladolid, and the Cenote Dzitnup

March 19 - Heading to Rio Bec, and visiting Kohunlich on the Way

March 20 – Visits to Hormiguero, Becan and Chicana

March 21 – Calakmul, the Calakmul biosphere, and the bat cave

March 22 – The very impressive Balamku, and a drive to Nadzca ‘an

March 23 – Return to Cancun with stops at the Cenote Azul, and Fuerte de San Felipe

March 24 – Crococun and a trip to Puerto Morelos, plus Robbed by Pemex Banditos

March 25 – Final day of diving (we saw a Hawksbill Turtle!)

March 26 – Moving from the Royal Sands to the Imperial Las Perlas (a.k.a. Las Perilous)

March 27 – Last day at the Las Perilous

March 28 – We made it home.