Are you concerned about the cost of communications and meetings today? Online meetings and conference calls are often touted as a replacement for meetings, but they’re not always a great experience.

Calliflower is the single tool for having simple and inexpensive online meetings and conference calls. Unlike Webex® or Livemeeting®, Calliflower combines conference calling, document sharing, text chat, and more in an easy and intuitive online environment — a single tool (and a single price) for all the capabilities you need to run an effective online meeting.

With Calliflower’s rich and easy to use toolset, you can host any kind of meeting you want ranging from a simple conference call to a webinar with 100 or more participants. Calliflower also makes it easy to keep a record of the meeting, by making recordings and copies of important documents accessible to all participants afterward.

Flash based document sharing

Calliflower’s flash based document sharing is feature rich and requires no download to run.  That means no need to wait while participants first download a web client and then login.  And Calliflower can be run in presentation mode or in collaboration mode. The flexibility to do both allows you to work on documents with colleagues, or have great sales presentations with customers.

Calliflower Live Document Sharing and Collaboration

Intuitive Call Dashboard

Have you ever wondered which participants are actually on a call, or been interrupted by chime tones, background noise, or obnoxious hold music?  Calliflower’s intuitive call dashboard let’s you see exactly who is participating on your call, control mute settings, recordings, invitations, and more.

Optimized for Mobile

Calliflower is optimized for mobile collaboration as well. It includes meeting setup, virtually the same in-call experience as Calliflower on the web, and the ability to record the call so that after the meeting is complete you have a full record — at your desktop, or on the road.

Unlimited Usage, Incredible Savings

For just $29.95 per month*, you can host as many calls with as many participants as you want and share as many documents as you need. That’s right — you’ll never pay more than $29.95 per month, no matter how much you use Calliflower.  And with call-in numbers in 35 countries and 200cities today, Calliflower is a local call away from most North American centers, and many European cities as well.

What Our Customers Say

“NewsGang Live wouldn’t exist without iotum’s Calliflower service. With Calliflower, we recruit participants to the daily NewsGang Live show by simply broadcasting the URL for the show on Twitter. Creating and managing conference calls with their interactive dashboard couldn’t be easier.”

Steve Gillmor, creator of the Gillmor Gang and NewsGang Live Internet shows.

Calliflower Features:

  • 14 day free trialUnlimited conference calling
  • Unlimited document sharing
  • Collaborative or Lecture Mode
  • 200 local dial in numbers in 35 countries
  • Multiple organizers to suit the size of your company
  • Ability to assign a delegate call organizer
  • Calendar integration, including Outlook/Exchange
  • Invitations & reminders by email and mobile phone
  • Free call-in options
  • Personal PIN enhances security and participant awareness
  • Ability to assign caller ID for PIN-less access
  • Interactive Chat with active links and pictures
  • Intuitive call moderation controls, including raise hand, mute
  • Unlimited MP3 Recordings available
  • Convenient web dashboard keeps all your calls at your fingertips
  • 14 Day Risk-Free Trial Included.

Price List (Contact us for enterprise pricing):

Price Product
$29.95 per month Calliflower Premium, 1 organizer
$89.85 quarterly Calliflower Premium, 1 organizer
$299.50 annually Calliflower Premium, 1 organizer

Still not sure? Take advantage of our 14 day risk free trial, included also in our free version. Simply sign up for Calliflower today, and try it as much as you like. If you don’t agree that Calliflower you will still be able to enjoy the basic Calliflower version absolutely for free.

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* $29.95/month per organizer.  $29.95/month per additional call organizer.  Flat rate.  No added telecom charges, or per minute usage fees.