The Calliflower “How to” guide will walk you through all you need to know about using Calliflower; from logging in to recording calls and sharing documents. We’ll even teach you to optimize your account to suit your business or personal needs. So make your way through our guide from start to finish or jump ahead with any of the links in the index below.

A.   How to Get Started With Calliflower

B.   How to Schedule a Meeting

C.   How to Make International Conference Calls

D.   How to Setup Your Conference Call Profile

E.   How to Set Conference Call Notification Settings

F.   How to Designate a Delegate

G.   How to Set Social Networking Settings for your Conference Call

H.   How to Create a Conference Call

I.    How to Send Conference Call Invitations

J.    How to Share a Document During a Conference Call

K.   How to Record a Conference Call

L.   How to Make a Mobile Conference Call

If you have any other questions try visiting the FAQ page or sending your requests to