Calliflower is great for charities and non-profits. We are happy to offer special pricing to registered charities and non-profits for the good of all people.  Please email us for more information.

Many of our customers use Calliflower for:

  • Daily inspiration
  • Support group calls
  • Committee calls
  • Campaign and Fundraising Online Meetings
  • Scripture Readings
  • Personal discovery forums and conferences
  • Meditation Calls (yes, we have people who sit quietly on the call bridge)
  • Prayer Lines
  • Coaching Teleseminars
  • Personal Development Web Meetings
  • Social action calls

Calliflower makes deeper use of social media than any other conference call provider. Our integration with Facebook makes it especially easy to promote your calls and to keep them private within your community. Add our Facebook App to include your Facebook Friends on a call and to use your profile picture. If you prefer, we can also help you promote your group call by making it a public call in our own listings and tweeting it through Twitter. We automatically add the “#teleseminar” hash tag, helping you gain subscribers if you like. Of course, all Calliflower conference calls generate a link that makes it easy for you to email, SMS or otherwise distribute a short link to your followers.

Especially for those who wish to participate in charity and social endeavors, yet are isolated, Calliflower can help you extend your network to the home-bound or physically challenged to include them in important group work.

Calliflower is supportive of both religious and non-religious charity organizations who feel called to a mission in helping others.

Calliflower is the most affordable teleconferencing service available for the features offered in Web meetings and audio calls. Our plans are very effective and flexible, allowing you to buy what you need or to drop out when you need to. Our unlimited calling plans give your charity the best tools for conference calling with telephone dial-ins and online VOIP participants. Flat phone bridge fees make things very affordable. Calliflower is an elegant service, but it is cheap and cheerful.

Teleconferencing allows you to have easy, affordable meetings. Our international dial-in numbers give your international workers, donors and benefactors an easy way to connect with home base and keeping costs down. If you have workers in disaster zones or remote locations, our global dial-in numbers and Skype partnership can let you conduct meeting and allowing your team to focus on their mission.