Who we are

iotum is a Voice 2.0 company setting out to re-invent business conversations and shape a world of relevant communications where devices, social networks and web services work seamlessly together to let people communicate with whom they want, when they want and on the device they want.

iotum’s business is to design and provide a simple, supportive and intuitive environment to enrich business conversations. iotum’s products and services bring greater meaning and productivity to typically stale and static multiparty communications and meet the growing teleconferencing needs of a broad range of customers across a diverse range of industries.

How it all started

It all began in 2003 with a phone call from the top of a mountain and a conversation between two friends about how voice-over IP was going to tear some big holes in the telecommunications industry. The gist of the talk was simple: this VoIP thing is just a software problem and we’re software guys, so we should be able to figure this out. It didn’t take long.

Fueled by their passion for products that improve the lives of people, Alec Saunders and Dr. Howard Thaw launched iotum in Ottawa, Canada and set out to transform telecommunications by building innovative software smart enough to understand and respond to customer needs. Their mantra? Let people communicate with whom they want, when they want and on the device they want.

In 2006, iotum’s elite team of imagineers unveiled the Relevance Engine, the first call management software to process your contextual information and preferences to filter and prioritize phone calls based on who’s calling, if you want to talk to them or not and which phone you want to talk on. For its global innovation in technology and meeting customer needs, iotum received a highly prestigious DEMOgod Award, a CATA Alliance Innovation Award for Emerging Technology Achievement and a place in Business 2.0′s Next Net 25 and the Branham 25 Emerging Companies in Canada.

A year later, iotum introduced two new customer-centric innovations: Talk-Now, a BlackBerry application that uses your calendar, preferences, presence and other contextual information to define your availability to receive calls; and Free Conference Calls for Facebook, an application that enables customers to provide agendas and reminders, record a podcast, chat interactively and schedule, mute or unmute calls. In the first quarter of 2008, Free Conference Calls for Facebook had more than 200,000 registered users.

Calliflower takes that application to the next level. Simply put, it’s the works in web-based multi-party meetings: MP3 archives, live chat, Facebook integration and lots of fun, new tools that allow you to preserve, thread, search information and more. And by the way, it’s free. Why? Because old-school conference calling is a lucrative, high margin business that’s dumb as rocks and ripe to be disrupted by a service that meets the needs of real people and not corporate bean counters.

If you’re ready for a fresh approach to conference calls, find out more about how Calliflower can help you cultivate better business conversations.