Whether you need a conference call service provider in Dublin or anywhere else in the world, Calliflower’s international teleconference service can connect your customers and your team quickly, easily and professionally.  And if your city isn’t one of the Irish cities we serve, contact us.  We have access to telephone numbers all across Ireland.

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Calliflower is the tool for having easy and inexpensive online meetings, globally! Calliflower is a single solution that combines teleconferencing, document sharing, text chat, and more in an easy and intuitive online environment. With Calliflower’s rich and easy to use toolset, you can host any kind of meeting you want ranging from a simple tconference call to a webinar with 100 or more participants. Calliflower also makes it easy to keep a record of the meeting, by making recordings and copies of important documents accessible to all participants after the call.

In addition, Calliflower is optimized for mobile collaboration right from meeting setup, during the in-call experience and continues to provide a call record after the meeting is complete to ensure productivity at your desk or on the road.

With call-in numbers in 32 countries and 150 cities today, including Ireland, Calliflower is a local call away from most North American centers, and many European and Asian cities as well.

List of Features:

  • Unlimited teleconferencing
  • Unlimited document sharing, with choice of Collaborative or Lecture Mode
  • 150 local dial in numbers in 32 countries
  • Multiple organizers to suit the size of your company
  • Ability to assign a Delegate call organizer
  • Calendar integration, including Outlook/Exchange
  • Invitations & reminders by email and mobile phone
  • Free call-in option
  • Personal PIN enhances security and participant awareness
  • Ability to assign caller ID for PIN-less access
  • Interactive Chat with active links and participant avatars
  • Intuitive call moderation controls, including hand raising and mute
  • Unlimited MP3 Recordings available
  • Convenient web dashboard keeps all your calls at your fingertips
  • Call Archiving

Try Calliflower free for 14 days. Sign up today.