I’ve always hated to do lists, and I’ve worked hard to love them.  There always seems to be a distraction that takes you away from what you should be doing on your list, and your list never seems to be there when you need to be adding to it.

I’ve recently discovered Jott, though, and I’ve changed my mind.  It has three things going for it:

  1. It’s NOT in Outlook.  That’s right.  It’s not part of Outlook.  I can look at it without the distraction of 300 unread emails sitting right beside my list of things I really want to do, tempting me to pre-empt my todo list.  Jott is web based.  It just lives in my browser, separate from Outlook.
  2. Jott is available everywhere – on my iPhone, Blackberry, and on any PC.  It’s easy to consult it whenever I want to move to the next item.  And it’s easy to add to when the moment strikes.
  3. Jott is voice activated.  I loooove this feature.  During drive time, I can activate Jott on my iPhone, dictate a to-do, and when I’m at my desk, it’s added to my list. That’s 35 more productive minutes in my day.

Not only can Jott handle to-do lists, it can also do voice replies to email, voice tweets, and more.

I never thought I would pay money for a to-do list, but when my 30 day trial is done with Jott, I’m planning to do exactly that.