Calliflower integrates all the tools that you need for online collaboration in one nifty package. It’s the perfect tool for you to conduct online meetings, webinars, teleseminars, host product demonstrations and more.

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It’s easy to join!


It’s easy to switch from your old-school conference call to our fresh approach. You can move to Calliflower and keep your old experience – the one with PIN codes and no web interface. Or you can just follow the simple steps included in your first email invitation and move on with life. [more…]

International presence


Our network of international dial-in numbers takes the sting out of international meetings.  The same flat rate applies whether you’re holding a conference call with people in Sydney, Singapore, or Los Angeles. [more…]

Easy as 1 2 3


Organizing a call is as simple as booking a meeting, selecting a time, choosing a subject and inviting participants to join. Okay, that’s four steps. [more…]

Share Documents

Document Sharing

Need to share a document during your conference call?  Perhaps a presentation would help to convey your message better, or you need to collaborate on a document with the other participants in your call.  [more…]

Multiple Hosts


Need consolidated billing for your company?  Simply select the number of seats you need, and select from your Calliflower Address Book those who you wish to add to your account. Each additional host is just $29.95 per month.  [more…]

Delegate Access


On the go all the time?  Have your assistant organize calls on your behalf.  Simply designate that person as a delegate to your Calliflower account and delegate your work away! [more…]

On the go


Calliflower Mobile takes your conference calls on the go!  It’s a handy solution that lets you create, participate, and moderate conference calls in no time.  It even sends invitations and puts the calls in your calendar!  [more…]

Calling options


1. Phone: Dial from anywhere in the world to one of our 140 dial-in numbers to get connected.
2. Skype: Call directly from Skype and get high quality audio.


Interactive chat


Engage in group chats before, after and during calls to share information with others without interrupting the conversation. Calliflower’s multiparty IM opens a second channel to share links, images or documents to have richer, more interactive calls. [more…]

Personal PIN


Your phone number is the personal PIN that seamlessly connects you to every call from anywhere in the world. [more…]

Caller ID


See names, pictures and caller status in real time as everyone joins the call. [more…]

Lecture mode


Mute all participants and use “raise hand” coupled with the interactive chat to conduct smooth and interactive lecture-type conferences. [more…]

Intuitive call controls


Calliflower’s intuitive web interface gives moderators a single comprehensive view for managing recordings and individual or group callers and lets all callers access controls. [more…]

MP3 recordings


Record calls from the web interface or phone, then make them available to everyone in seconds flat as MP3 files when calls are over or recording has stopped. [more…]

Calendar integration


Manage call invitations, updates and RSVPs with an attached iCal that integrates with your calendar solution. [more…]

Invitations & reminders


Receive call invitations and reminders by email or SMS with all the information you’ll need. [more…]