International Conference Call Services, Local Calling Price – Calliflower International teleconference bridges and Web Conferencing

International conference calls affordable for all parties. High quality audio and seriously cheap cost for online meetings. Convenient and easy teleconferencing. Invite your live conference participants to dial into a local call bridge in their own country, without international charges! Free your customers from long-distance!

Extensive Global Coverage for International Teleconferencing

Calliflower’s extensive network of international local dial numbers allow Webinar and conferencing participants to access your conference call locally. No matter where you are. If you’re holding global conference calls from Budapest or Geneve for customers in Sydney, Tampa, Singapore, and Los Angeles, everyone dials a local Calliflower number and pays only local service rates.

And you?

You only pay one flat rate for each call organizer (the conference call host). No toll charges. If your participants are at a computer, they can use Calliflower’s VOIP service to dial-in free. Free international conference calling.

Hard to beat!

Some Calliflower customers are saving hundreds of dollars on Web conferencing every month versus their previous international conference call solutions.

International Conference Calling Numbers

Remember, we provide local numbers so your participants pay no long distance, regardless of where you are hosting the teleconference or Webinar. Your participants can dial any of these local numbers to access your conference call (no matter where you are).

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