Connect from anywhere to one conference
Meet Now
1Copy your conference details
2Share your details with participants
3Dial in, using your computer or phone

Meet Later
1Schedule your meeting using Calliflower
2Calliflower takes care of invites, tracks RSVP’s, and sends emails and SMS reminders
3Connect by browser, phone or Skype to start talking

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Your callers can dial-in with their phones OR use their browser (we call it ‘Calliflower Connect’) OR use Skype. We recommend using your phone or Calliflower Connect because it’s technology we can control. Skype can be unreliable.

Once you connect, you’ll find that Calliflower is easy, professional and full-featured. We’ve got the usual stuff you expect – call recordings, document storage and sharing, chat, phone keypad commands (like mute) etc. – but some stuff you might not expect as well our exclusive Three Levels of Security, a global list of local dial-in numbers, and intuitive ‘who’s talking’ visualization for callers.