Creating conference calls with Calliflower is simple, fast, and secure. For you to create calls, you will need to log into the Calliflower app site: Once you enter your credentials you are logged into the Calliflower system and you will be able to start creating calls for today, tomorrow, next month or even next year.

Select the ‘Schedule A Meeting’ Button on the call dashboard and enter your call details into the Subject and Agenda windows as required.

Select the date and start time of your call. The call duration is set by selecting the time and dragging out the time range.
If you would like to establish a recurring call or a call series, select  and complete the Recurring Conference Call Settings that will appear in the pop-up window as illustrated below.


Finally, set the Access Option of the call and set the Conference Options for extra functionality.

For more information about Access Options and Conference Options, click on the question mark beside each option.

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