One common scenario is having an assistant organize a call on your behalf. Calliflower gives you the ability to “delegate” your call creation rights to another, so that person can create, edit and manage calls just like you. In order to do this, the person acting as your delegate must also have a Calliflower account, although they do not need to have a paid subscription.

To designate a person as your delegate, first type the desired person’s name or email into the bar at the top of the address book page. If you already have him/her as a contact, his/her info will appear on the right once you select him/her. If he/she is not already part of your address book on Calliflower, enter his/her details, and Calliflower will then match that account with the person’s account.

Once the account has been found, you will see the account details for that individual to the right. Underneath, you will see a check box allowing you to delegate call creation privileges to that person. Click it to mark it yes, and then simply press the save button.