Getting Started

When getting started with Calliflower, there are a few simple things you can do to make your experience more enjoyable and seemless.

  1. How To Set Up Your Profile
  2. How To Add Contacts To Your Address Book
  3. How To Create Contact Groups
  4. How To Set Up My Email Notification Settings

Scheduling a Meeting

When scheduling a meeting, the basic things that need to be done are inviting contacts, setting a time and date, defining the security level of the meeting, and enabling/disabling other options/features.

  1. How To Invite People to a Meeting
  2. How To Schedule a Recurring Meeting
  3. How To Set Meeting Security Levels & Other Options
  4. How To Edit Meeting Details After the Meeting Has Been Created

Creating a Reservationless Meeting

A reservationless meeting is like a meeting room that is always open. Moderators of the meeting can invite participants and host meetings at any time. All participants use the same shared conference code to get into the meeting, except the moderator, who uses a moderator pin.

  1. How To Create a Reservationless Meeting

Calling Into a Meeting

When you are invited to a meeting, or if you create a meeting, and wish to call in, there are a few things you need. They are outlined below.

  1. How To Call Into a Meeting
  2. How To Use a Different Number to Call Into a Meeting
  3. How To Use Skype to Call Into a Meeting

During a Meeting

While you are in a meeting, there are many different options and features that Calliflower introduces to improve your experience.

  1. How To Record a Meeting
  2. How To View RSVP Statuses Of Participants
  3. How To Share a Document
  4. How To Mute/Unmute Participants (Moderators Only)
  5. How To Raise/Lower Hands

Document Sharing

Participants of a meeting can share a documents and go through them together during a meeting. This is ideal for presentations and visuals. The default documents that are loaded are the meeting Agenda and a Whiteboard. The agenda holds the details of the meeting and the whiteboard is used as a real whiteboard. Other documents can be loaded as well.

  1. How To Upload a Document
  2. How To Use Document Tools
  3. How To Allow Participants to Manipulate Documents
  4. How To Disable Participants’ Ability to Manipulate Documents

Additional Features

Calliflower introduces many additional features that enhance users’ experience with the product.

  1. How To Add a Toll-Free Number to My Account
  2. How To Designate a Delegate to Create Calls on your Behalf
  3. How To Resend Invitations to Participants
  4. How To Enable SMS Invitations and Reminders
  5. How To Send an Email to All Participants
  6. How To Set Social Networking Settings

Calliflower Mobile

Calliflower also has a mobile application available on the iPhone. It has many of the same features of the online product, so all the features you know and love are now available on the go and with the touch of a finger. It is available for download from the app store here.

  1. How To Create a Mobile Meeting