On the meeting scheduling page, you will see an area like the one that appears in the image below. As you can see from the image, all the contacts in your address book are displayed in the white box on the left. Click on the ones you wish to add to the meeting. They will be highlighted and moved over to the right side, which is where all the participants of the meeting are displayed. This is one way to invite people to a meeting.

Invite Contacts 1

There are other ways to invite people to meetings. One way is to click the “Share” button on the meeting dashboard (see image below). Once clicked, a pop-up window will show up displaying a link that you can share with people you want to invite to the meeting. This link will lead them to your meeting dashboard page. The participant will then register for the meeting, and join in.

Another way to invite is by sending the conference code and dial-in number directly to the desired participant’s email. This information can be found in the “Details” section of the meeting dashboard page.