Calliflower allows you to pick from three security options depending on the type of meeting you are hosting. Pick the Open security setting for easy of use or pick Locked Down for your highly confidential or sensitive meetings.

Three Security Options

· Open – Best for audio only conference calls – All callers (except for the moderator) use the same Conference Code to connect to the call. This conference Code will be the same for all calls created by the organizer. The moderator uses their Personal PIN to connect to the call. This type of meeting is not very secure.

· Closed – Best for Web Meetings and Moderated Conference Calls – Callers receive an invitation with a unique PIN that only he or she can use. If the participant has a Calliflower account, they will be able to access the call using their Personal PIN. Invited participants without Calliflower accounts will be assigned a randomly generated PIN, which is different for each Closed Meeting. This type of meeting is secure.

· Locked Down – Best for Confidential or Sensitive Meetings – Callers join the call using a Conference Code and then enter a unique PIN to prevent unauthorized callers from joining the call. This type of meeting is extremely secure.


Types of PIN’s

· Personal PIN – Each participant has a unique Personal Identification Number for each call that is indicated in his Call Dashboard and/or is included in his or her email invitation. Simply enter your PIN when prompted if calling through via telephone or Skype. If you prefer to use a single PIN for every call, use the MOBILE PHONE NUMBER option.

· Conference Code – Call Organizers are able to set a Conference Code, which is used for all callers to connect to the call using the same PIN. These callers will be labeled as Caller 1, Caller 2, etc. in the participants section on the call dashboard.


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