Record conference calls from the web interface or phone, then make them available to everyone in seconds as MP3 files. Recordings are available for download immediately and also after the conference call. There are two methods to begin recording a call;

1.    On the “Schedule A Meeting” page, select the Auto Record box to have the recording start automatically as soon as the first participant joins the call.

2.    You can manually start and stop the recording by clicking the Start/Stop Recording button in the button bar.


Recordings are stored in the Recordings container. Click on the All Recordings tab to view all recordings from all past calls.

Recordings can be kept indefinitely.  They are low cost to store and our customers like this service.

•    Share – allows organisers / moderators to copy and email the link to the recording as well as publish the recording to make it available to participants. Publishing the recording to participants will allow them to see it in their recordings container, however they will not be able to download or delete the recording.

•    Download – a direct link to download the recording in mp3 format

•    Delete -  allows organisers / moderators to delete (remove) the recording from the call dashboard

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