Calliflower offers users the ability to record their meetings. A moderator can record his/her meeting by simply pressing the “Record” button located in the title bar of the meeting dashboard. When it is time to stop recording, the moderator can press the “Stop Recording” button, which appears in the same spot where the “Record” button was.

After the recording is stopped, it is converted to mp3 format and made available for download, to the moderator, under the “Recordings” tab. The “Recordings” tab is located under the Details tab and is where all recordings of the meeting are displayed. Participants can view all the recordings they have ever had by clicking the “All Recordings” tab. Recordings are downloadable in mp3 format, and can be shared. The moderator can share recordings with participants by pressing the “Share” link under the recording. A pop up will appear with an option to publish, and it also displays a download link that can be sent to anyone so they may download the mp3. If the moderator presses “Publish”, the recording will appear in all participants’ “Recordings” tab, in their meeting dashboards.