1.   Send a Calliflower Invite
You can load participants email addresses into your Calliflower address book, and send them a conference call invitation to participate from within Calliflower. This is the best way to invite people to a Calliflower call. When you do that, Calliflower gives them a personal PIN, and a personalized web link so that they can join the call and be identified as being on the call. Calliflower also manages RSVP’s, so that you know who is planning to attend your call. Visit the Calliflower address book and import your contacts from Outlook, Gmail and other services.

2.    Mail a Call Link
You can mail the call link to your participants. This link will look like http://apps.callflower.com/conf/show/xxxxx and may also contain a very long string of identifying digits at the end if your call is a private call. Participants then click on the link, and are able to sign up for, and participate in the call. This is a very simple way for you to mail conference call invitations; however, each individual participant must be a Calliflower user in order to participate. If not, they will be required to sign up in order to a personalized PIN.
You can find the meeting link by clicking  in the button bar.

3.    Email a Conference Code & Call Number
You can email participants a Quick PIN and the call in number. This is a very good tool for simply getting people onto a call. No registration is required to participate, but callers cannot access the Calliflower dashboard without registering, and the moderator cannot identify callers. Still, it’s a great solution for a large mailing, or a quickly organized call.
You can find the Conference Code in the Details container on the call dashboard.

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